Rain of the Ghosts Kickstarter Project Announced

Greg Weisman, producer of animated series such as GargoylesThe Spectacular Spider-ManYoung Justice, and Star Wars Rebels, has unveiled one of his next projects: an AudioBook based off his first novel, Rain of the Ghosts.

The premise of the novels involves Rain Cacique, a young girl living in the chain of tropical islands known as the Ghost Keys. Feeling trapped in a life full of monotonous labor in her parents’ Bed & Breakfast, she seeks an adventurous life outside the islands. When her grandfather passes away, however, she gets her wish as the armband she inherits from him provides a key to embark on a dangerous adventure to solve the mystical mysteries of the Ghost Keys.

The AudioBook contains voice work from over twenty notable voice actors, with Brittany Uomoleale as Rain. Other voice actors involved include Steven Blum, Josh Keaton, Ed Asner, Marina Sirtis, and Vanessa Marshall. Music will be provided by Dynamic Music Partners.

All of the voice work has already been completed. However, Weisman needs backers to fund $43,000 in order to edit the voice recordings and create and mix music and sound effects. The appeal of the project is to allow the creator to continue to explore his characters and stories without the studio interference that plagued his previous productions.

Will you be backing the Kickstarter? Have you checked out the books?

This post was originally published on News For Shoppers.


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